Should You Really Weigh Yourself Everyday Of The HCG Diet?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Is it really necessary to step on the scale every single day?

    Today I wanted to go back to the basics a little bit by answering a couple of the more commonly asked questions that I receive. Now I haven't heard this one for quite a while, but I used to get it all of the time. Then the other day someone emailed me to ask this...

    Do I really have to weigh myself everyday of the HCG Diet? 

    In both Dr. Simeons' and Kevin Trudeau's HCG Diet Protocol, they say that it is crucial to your weight loss success that you weigh yourself ever single day; preferably in the morning after using the restroom.

    I would have to agree with them on this one. Although I don't agree with every word that Kevin Trudeau says, this is something that he definitely has right. Here's why...

    If you weigh yourself everyday right after you wake up and use the restroom, your weight will be more true. This is because you haven't had anything to eat or drink yet, so the scale is only going to reflect your actual weight, not the weight of your food and water.

    Plus, it's always good to know how much total weight you have lost. Not to mention if you should suddenly stop losing weight - How are you supposed to know when you hit a Plateau if you don't step on the scale daily. This brings me to the next question... 

    How important is it to keep a food journal? 

    First of all, if you don't already know, a food journal is used to write down everything that you eat throughout the entire day; even the foods that you shouldn't have eaten.

    In fact, I usually recommend keeping a journal not just to track the foods you eat, but everything that you do while on the HCG Weight Loss Diet. So this means you would record the times that you take your HCG Injection, Drops, or Pellets - You would also write down the times that you weigh yourself, how much water you drink, or anything else worth tracking.

    This is very important to do because, if you were to suddenly stop losing weight, all you would have to do is consult your HCG journal to know what you had eaten or done differently. Then, if you see a certain food that you ate or a routine that you recently started before your stall, you will have a much better chance of correcting it.

    Lets do a quick review, shall we. 

    Weighing Yourself - 

    You want to make sure that you weigh yourself everyday before you eat or drink anything, and after you go to the restroom. This will help you to know how much weight you have lost, or show you that you are not losing at all. 

    Keeping An HCG Diet Journal - 

    It is definitely important to keep a HCG Diet Journal. You should write down the foods that you eat, the liquids that you drink, how much weight you lose, certain routines you have and anything else worth tracking. This way if you hit a Plateau, you can consult your journal and make the proper adjustments. 

    Do you think that it is necessary to weigh yourself everyday? - Tell me about it in a comment below...

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