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  • Brian Connole
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  • If you are taking the Homeopathic HCG Drops listen up!

    As you may have noticed, this is an HCG Diet Blog - This means that I blog about the HCG Diet and all the different aspects surrounding it... Yesterday I even wrote a blog post about Santa Clause being on the HCG Weight Loss Diet.

    For the past few years, I have been educating myself about this diet. Every time I write an article I research the topic before I even type the first letter. This way I never give someone false information. Furthermore, I am always honest about the things that I talk about.

    So I thought it was kind of silly when a person, who shall remain nameless, sent me an email telling me that what I wrote the other day was completely false. This person also told me how they were disappointed that I would say such things about the Homeopathic HCG Drops.

    Which article am I talking about?

    I am of course talking about the article that discusses using the HCG Diet Drops. Now like I said before, I am completely honest about the things that I write in my posts. Therefore, I make no attempt to hide the truth about Homeopathic Drops. The fact is, Homeopathic HCG Drops contain very little, or even no HCG in them at all. This person would've already known that if they knew what Homeopathic actually meant...

    Homeopathic / Homeopathy -

    Homeopathy (also spelled homoeopathy or homœopathy) is a form of alternative medicine, first proposed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann diluted preparations. Based on an ipse dixit axiom formulated by Hahnemann, which he called the law of similars, preparations which cause certain symptoms in healthy individuals are given in diluted form to patients who already exhibit similar symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking, which homeopaths term succussion, after each dilution under the assumption that this increases the effect. Homeopaths call this process potentization. Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains.

    So in nut shell... Companies find something that is working for people, like the HCG Hormone, and they dilute it many times over. Then they package the stuff and sell it at a huge profit. I assure you, I would not make this stuff up. The definition above is straight from Wikipedia. So let's just read that last part again shall we...

    "Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains"

    That says it all right there. Now let me say this. For some reason, the Homeopathic Drops work really well for some people, while others fail miserably. It's probably because the Homeopathic Drops have almost no HCG in them whatsoever.

    So why is it that the Homeopathic HCG Drops work for some people?

    The person who sent me the lovely email that I mentioned above, asks me this very question. But the truth is... I don't know why! (See there's my honesty again) And I have said this before, I believe that it's because of a persons strong will to succeed, mixed with a 500 Calorie Diet and a placebo effect.

    As any normal person knows, you will lose weight without HCG if you are only eating 500 Calories per day. However, it is not safe to do! This is why HCG is such an important part of the diet - The HCG Hormone helps you to burn fat instead of lean muscle mass. It also helps you to feel less hungry, reset the Hypothalamus, and fix your bodies metabolism.

    So what happens if you don't use HCG with this VLCD?

    This is my whole argument... If you are using the Homeopathic drops, which only contain microscopic amounts of HCG in them, the HCG Diet will not work the way it's supposed to. Yes, you might lose some weight - Maybe even a lot of weight. But with the absence of the HCG Hormone, you will likely put the weight back on.

    Now do I care whether people out there use the Homeopathic HCG Drops? Absolutely Not! But it does make my job a lot easier when these people tell me how hungry they are and they ask me why. Like I already said, I simply give you the facts then you can make your decision based on those facts.

    The truth is, the HCG Protocol is basically the same whether you use real, fake, Homeopathic, or your moms homemade version of HCG. So that means that the HCG Diet 411 Blog can be used by everyone just the same. Actually, our 411 Forum has a lot of members that use Homeopathic HCG Drops and I care about those people just the same.

    But if you were to ask me which type of HCG is best to use, I would tell you to use Real HCG - Not Homeopathic. However, I really don't care what someone uses, I will still give them the same advice on how to use the diet protocol; I never discriminate.

    So if you still want to use Oral Homeopathic Drops, that doesn't bother me; I will even tell you about a reliable website that sells them. But it's not going to be what I'd recommend for you to use. Like said above, I am an honest guy and I speak the truth.

    The good news is you can get the entire HCG Program right here from Nu Image Medical. Remember, if you are going to use the HCG Diet, you might want to use real HCG! Otherwise it's just another diet. Am I right?

    What is your take on Homeopathic HCG?

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