25 Frequently Asked Questions About The HCG Diet:

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  • Are you ready for some Q and A about the HCG Weight Loss Diet?
    Frequently Asked Questions

    For the most part, reading Dr. Simeons' Pounds And Inches should tell you everything you need to know about the diet. But even after reading the entire HCG Protocol you may still walk away with some unanswered questions.

    So today, I wanted to go ahead and answer some of the more commonly asked HCG Diet Questions...

    25 Frequently Asked Questions About The HCG Diet:

    1. What Does HCG Stand For? - HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.
    2. Do I Need A Prescription To Do The HCG Diet? - No. Although there are HCG Clinics that you can go to, you do not need a prescription to order HCG. In fact you can order it right here.
    3. Can Men Use The HCG Diet? - Yes, the diet can be used by men or women.
    4. How Many Calories Am I Allowed To Eat Per Day? The original HCG Protocol is 500 calories per day. However, this is a strict protocol and you can't eat just anything that equals 500 calories.
    5. How Long Do I Have To Wait Between Rounds 1 and 2? - You must wait 6 weeks from your last injection date. However, the amount of time increases the more rounds you do. Go here to see how long you should wait between later rounds.
    6. Are There HCG Side Effects? - Yes, like most diets there are a few minor side effects that you should be aware of. You can read more about these HCG side effects here.
    7. Is The HCG Diet Dangerous? - No. Contrary to what you may have heard, the HCG Diet is completely safe.
    8. Should I Stop Using HCG During My Menstrual Cycle? - Yes, especially during your heaviest flow days. Read more about the details here.
    9. Can I Eat Miracle Noodles On The HCG Diet? - Yes, the Miracle Noodles are a free food. This means you can eat them between meals without feeling guilty. You can get them here.
    10. Am I More Likely To Get Pregnant On The HCG Diet? - It's not likely, but it may increases your chances somewhat.
    11. Can I Eat Eggs On The HCG Diet? - Yes, but you should not eat them everyday and you should only eat the egg whites when you do. Read more about this topic here.
    12. Will I Be Hungry Eating Only 500 Calories A Day - You may feel a little bit of hunger in the beginning, but that usually goes away within the first few days.
    13. How Much Weight Will I Lose On The HCG Diet? - Typically, men lose about 1 pound per day. Woman tend to lose a bit less, around 1/2 pound per day. I have even talked to people that say they have lost 3 or 4 pounds in one day.
    14. How Long Should I Do The HCG Diet For? - It depends on how much weight you want to lose. You can do a 23 day or a 40 day round on HCG. But either way you must continue doing the 500 Calorie Diet for 3 days after you stop taking the HCG Hormone.
    15. Can I Drink Soda Pop On The HCG Diet? - No!
    16. Do I Have To Do The Gorge Days? - Yes. The Gorge Days/Load Days are a big part of losing weight with the HCG Diet Program.
    17. How Many Days Should I Gorge? - Dr. Simeons Original Protocol says that you should do 2 Gorge days. But there are some people who have had more success gorging for 3 days before starting the 500 Calorie Diet.
    18. What Does VLCD Stand For? - VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet.
    19. Can I Do The HCG Diet If I Am A Vegetarian? - Yes, although it does tend to be a little bit harder to lose weight.
    20. Can I Use The HCG Diet To Lose Just 5 Pounds? - While you can use the diet to lose any amount of weight that you want, I wouldn't recommend using it to lose any less than 15 pounds. (Just my opinion)
    21. Do I Have To Use Injections On The HCG Diet? - No, there are other ways of doing the HCG Diet. You can use Oral Liquid HCG Drops, HCG Pellets, and other various methods.
    22. Will I Gain The Weight Back After The HCG Diet? - If the diet is done correctly and you continue to eat right after completing the diet, you should stay within 2 pounds of your ending weight.
    23. Do I Have To Do Phase 1 Of The HCG Diet? - Although it is not required that you do Phase 1, it is highly recommended.
    24. Should I Use Kevin Trudeau's or Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol? - It is up to you, but I would suggest using the original HCG Protocol by Dr. Simeons for your very first round. (Pounds And Inches) However, it doesn't hurt to read Kevin Trudeau's book "The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About". It has a lot of useful information in it.
    25. Will I Lose Weight With The HCG Diet? - Absolutely! If you follow the HCG Diet Protocol you will lose weight.

    Now I know there are other questions that you probably have, and if you do, I would love to hear them in a comment below. Who knows, maybe they will make the next list of HCG Frequently Asked Questions.

    So is there anything that you would add to the list above? - Be sure to tell me in a comment...

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