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3 Ways To Let Your Host Down Easy

If you receive an invitation to dinner while on the HCG Diet, how do you kindly tell your host that you won't be eating her food?

As I was chatting with one of our HCG Forum members the other day, and she told me that she had been invited over to a friends house for dinner. However, after she had accepted the invitation, she didn't know how to tell her host that she couldn't eat what she was preparing.

See, because this wasn't somebody that she spoke to on a regular basis, she hadn't yet told them that she was doing the HCG Diet - Which is understandable, she just didn't want to deal with all of the questions and negativity. So instead, she was trying to figure out a way to let her friend down gently without offending her. 

And this brings us to our question...

If you get invited to a meal while you're on the HCG Weight Loss Diet, how do you tell your host that you won't be eating their food?

Now I know what you are thinking...

"Just tell the person that you are on the HCG Diet"

That does seem like the easy thing to do doesn't it. However, for some people it's just not that simple. This is because of the comments that people make and the interrogation that goes on after you tell them. First they want to know every detail about the diet; then they give you their 2 cents about what they've heard.

I mean is it really worth it?

Going out while you're on the HCG Diet is hard enough as it is. But when you get invited to dinner at someones house this makes it twice as difficult - Especially if your host doesn't know you are on a strict 500 Calorie Diet.

But wouldn't it just be easier to stay at home? - Yes, it would!

However, sometimes you feel obligated. So if you do find yourself in this predicament, here are a couple of pointers.

How To Let Your Host Down Easy

  1. Make Your Spouse Tell Them - If you are going out while you are trying to stick to the HCG Protocol, it's probably because your spouse is making you. If this is the case just do what I do, make your wife/husband break the news to your host. This way you can avoid the barrage of questions.
  2. Take Your Chances - If you get invited to dinner while on the HCG Diet and you don't know what to tell your host... don't tell them anything. Who knows maybe they already planned on having something off of the HCG Diet Menu - What, it could happen. Just be sure to bring your own scale.
  3. You Could Always Lie - One way to let your host down easy is by lying to their face. Tell them you are allergic to whatever it is they've made. Nobody wants to kill a guest with their cooking. You might even make them feel dumb for not knowing about your food allergy before hand.

But if all else fails, just show up a day late and say "Oh no, I thought the dinner was supposed to be tonight" - You just better hope that they don't try to feed you some left-overs!

What else could you tell your host without hurting their feelings? - I would love to hear what you have to say in a comment below...

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