5 Lies That People Believe About The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • If you can handle knowing the truth about the HCG Weight Loss Diet, keep reading...

    What people think about the HCG Diet, and what the diet actually is, can sometimes be two completely different things. So today I wanted to come clean and tell you the truth about 5 common HCG Diet lies.

    Lets get started shall we...

    5 Lies That People Believe About The HCG Diet

    1. HCG Is A Magic Hormone - I am sorry that you had to find out this way, but the truth is HCG cannot magically make you lose weight. Unfortunately it does take a little effort on you part. So even though it is amazing, it most definitely is not magic.
    2. You Never Get Hungry - The truth is people do still get hungry on the HCG Weight Loss Diet. However, the HCG does take away most of your feelings of hunger.
    3. Cheating Is Okay Every Once In A While - Even though some people are able to cheat and not hit a plateau, doesn't make it a good idea. The truth is if you want to change your eating habits and keep the weight off, you need to try and stay true to the HCG Diet Protocol.
    4. You Can Eat Whatever You Want As Long As It's Under 500 Calories Per Day - The foods that are listed on the 500 Calorie Diet Menu are there for a reason. When Dr. Simeons created the HCG Diet he tried all kinds of different foods; but the ones that work for this diet are the ones you will find listed in the protocol.
    5. Once You Lose The Weight It Doesn't Come Back - In a perfect world this would be true. But in the real world the weight can and will come back if you let it. The good news is, if you do the diet correctly, follow the protocol, and continue to eat right after the diet ends, you can keep the weight off for good.

    For some, the HCG Weight Loss Diet is a life saver. For others it's just an easy way to lose some unwanted weight. But either way, if you can avoid falling for all of the lies and misconceptions the HCG Diet will work - And that's the truth!

    What other lies have you heard about the HCG Weight Loss Diet? - Tell me about them in a comment below...

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