Dr. Oz On The Topic Of HCG

  • Brian Connole
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  • Did You See The Dr. Oz Show Today?

    The HCG Diet - Weight Loss Miracle or Hype? This is the question that Dr. Oz poses on his show today. 

    If you weren't able to watch this episode, go check it out, then come back and join the conversation.

    Personally, I am a big fan of the Dr. Oz Show. So when I heard that he was going to be devoting an entire episode to the HCG Diet, I was excited. I knew that he would be fair and look at both sides of the argument. And after watching the show I am satisfied that he did.

    I also felt that the show brought up some very good points. These are some of the things that I myself have been talking about for quite some time now. For example...

    The Homeopathic Drops: Some people have had great success using the liquid Homeopathic HCG Drops. But at the same time, many have failed miserably with them.

    Furthermore, there is no real guarantee that the drops you are getting have any HCG in them at all. And even if they do, to be considered Homeopathic Drops they can only contain trace amounts of the HCG Hormone. Which means you would be getting little to no HCG at all anyway.

    Then why do these Homeopathic Drops work so well for some?

    This is the million dollar question - I think a big part of it is the placebo effect. But it could also be the other ingredients that are in the drops. Some Homeopathic Drops on the market contain the Vitamin B12 which can help curb hunger.

    However, I would still only recommend using Pharmaceutical HCG. And contrary to popular belief, there are places to order HCG online; I know because I have personally done it.

    But if you're more comfortable doing it through an HCG Clinic, then you definitely should. However, if you want to have the support of a doctor, but don't have the means to go to one, I would suggest using Nu-Image.

    This is a great company that I have suggested to my readers and even worked with in the past. They offer a full 40 day round of HCG Injections or Sublingual Drops at a very reasonable price.

    Now another good point that Dr. Oz addressed is the 500 Calories a day. This is a huge concern for many people who are interested in the diet.

    So how can a 500 Calorie Diet be safe?

    Like Dr. Emma said on the show - "You are not actually just living off of the 500 Calories that you eat, but the concept is and why it works so well, is you are living off of this food that you're consuming, plus the additional body fat needed for the energy you're not consuming"

    So what she's saying is, because you are burning the fat that is stored all throughout your body, you are able to safely and effectively lose weight eating just 500 Calories.

    Now are there side effects with the HCG Diet?

    Sure, there are a few. I even have some listed here - HCG Diet Side Effects:

    But the thing you have to ask yourself is...

    What's more of a risk, being overweight, or the few minor side effects that you may or may not experience while on the HCG Weight Loss Diet? It's up to you.

    What did you think of the Dr. Oz Show today? - Tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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