Why Weight Loss On The HCG Diet Sometimes Stops

  • Brian Connole
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  • Have You Stopped Losing Weight With The HCG Diet And You Want To Know Why? 

    Weighing Yourself
    Sometimes toward the end of an HCG Diet round it's not unheard of to have your weight loss slow down or in some cases stop completely.

    This can be extremely frustrating for anyone who experiences it; especially when you are steadily losing 1 pound or more per day.

    However, knowing what causes this can sometimes be the key to avoiding it. 

    So Why Does Weight Loss Stop Or Slow Down Toward The End Of A Round? 

    Well, it could be a number of different reasons. But usually it only happens to people that are doing a round of 40 HCG Shots/Liquid HCG Drops. Either way here are a couple of those reasons.

    1. You become immune to the HCG - If your body gets too used to the HCG Hormone, your weight loss slows down or possibly even stop. So if you are using the injections be sure to skip one shot per week.
    2. You've reached your target weight - You may stop losing weight on the HCG Diet if you have hit your target weight. So if this does happen, you might ask yourself if you are already at your ideal weight for your height and body type.
    3. Your body is used to the 500 Calorie Diet - When you first start the VLCD that's when you will usually lose the most weight. But the longer you do the diet, the more your body starts to get used to eating only a small amount. This makes it so the diet has less of an effect on you. One thing that might help is to really load up during your 2 Gorge Days.

    Of coarse sometimes your weight loss stops simply because you are on a Plateau. If this is the case you might try one of the many different Plateau Breakers. 

    Have you experienced a stall in your weight loss on the HCG Diet? - Tell me about it in a comment below.

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