Where To Get Oral HCG Troches

  • Brian Connole
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  • Do You Know What Oral HCG Troches Are? Stick Around And I'll Tell You.

    HCG PelletsThese days you have many different methods to choose from when it comes to using the HCG Weight Loss Diet. You have HCG Injections, Liquid Drops, and even HCG Troches.

    And right now I'm sure you're probably wondering what a Troche is.

    Well, it's best to describe it as a small sublingual lozenge that is designed to dissolve in your mouth under the tongue.

    They are very convenient to use too:

    • There's no mixing involved
    • They have a longer shelf life than liquid HCG
    • They need no refrigeration (Although you should keep them in a cool place)
    • They are small and easy to take
    • They're great for people with very little time

    Does this sound familiar at all? It should - Basically a Troche is the same thing as an HCG Pellet or Pill. In fact, I've written about HCG Pellets in the past.

    But because people are starting to call them by a different name, I wanted to make sure to clarify what they are exactly.

    So whether you call them HCG Pills, Pellets, or Troches, it all pretty much has the same meaning.

    If you are interested in this method of using the HCG Diet, they are available through Nu Image Medical. Just simply check the box that says Oral Troche's.

    Do you think that HCG Troche's will become popular with HCG Diet users? - Tell me what you think in a comment below.

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