Does Doing The HCG Diet Really Make You More Fertile?

  • Brian Connole
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  • We Recently Got Some News That Changed The Way I Think About The HCG Diet?

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    A little while back I wrote an article about the link between the HCG Diet and pregnancy.

    In the article I talked about how doing the HCG Diet will probably increase your chances of becoming pregnant, but not by much.

    The research that I did on the topic showed that women who are given the HCG Hormone for fertility, are given much larger doses than what one would use during the HCG Diet - So this means that doing the diet is not likely to make you become as fertile as one might think.

    Well, that is what I thought at the time. However, my theory on the subject may be changing just a bit. Here's why - Just a couple of months after Suzy completed her last round of the HCG Diet, she became pregnant.

    That's right, it looks like we are about to have another member join our little family.

    But is this just a big coincidence? - You tell me.

    After Suzy completed her last round of the HCG Diet, her menstrual cycle became a little bit off. First it didn't start on time, then it only lasted a couple of days when it did.

    Even though this is something that a lot of women seem to experience during and after the diet, this could be a sign that she was more fertile during that time.

    After all, we already know that large doses of the HCG Hormone can make a woman more fertile - But maybe smaller doses can too.

    So while I may not be totally convinced that the HCG Diet is the reason we are having another child, I'm not ruling it out either. Who knows, it could have helped a bit.

    I do know one thing for certain though - I know that sometime in the early part of 2012 Suzy will be giving birth to our 3rd child.

    The real question is, will it be a Boy or a Girl? - Any guesses!

    Do you think that doing the HCG Diet increases your chances of becoming pregnant?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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