The HCG Diet Vs. Weight Watchers

  • Brian Connole
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  • How Does The HCG Diet Stack Up Against Weight Watchers?

    As most of you already know, the HCG Diet Program was created by Dr. ATW Simeons back in the 1960's. It consists of dining on a 500 Calorie Diet Menu and taking small doses of the HCG Hormone.

    The theory is that the HCG Hormone will help to reset your bodies metabolism and fix your Hypothalamus Gland. To date, millions of people have successfully lost weight using this diet method.

    On average a person can lose about 1 pound per day, sometimes even more. This of coarse is a tremendous amount of weight to lose, and is unheard of with almost any other diet out there.

    People are able to achieve such high amounts of weight loss because the HCG Hormone helps you to burn calories that are stored in fat reserves all throughout your body.

    By tapping into these fat reserves, you are able to burn abnormal fat rather than lean muscle. This is another reason why people are so successful in keeping the weight off even after the diet ends.

    But What About The Weight Watchers Diet?

    The Weight Watchers program has been around just as long as the HCG Diet. It too has helped millions of people successfully lose weight and has been very popular over the years.

    However it does take a little bit different of an approach to dieting. Members of their program rely on a points system and weekly meetings to lose weight.

    With their points system, you are basically allowed to eat anything you want just as long as you stick to the amount of points allowed per day.

    For example: If you are allowed to eat a combined total of 10 points in one day, and a piece of pizza was worth 5 points, you would only be able to consume 2 pieces of pizza for that entire day.

    So which one sounds better to you?

    Well, although the HCG Diet is a low calorie restricted diet, the HCG Hormone helps you to feel almost no hunger at all. Plus, you feel good throughout the entire coarse of the diet.

    I would also have to say that the HCG Diet probably has a higher rate of success when it comes to keeping the weight off - This is because you are working to fix the problem, not just trying to lose a couple of pounds.

    So in my opinion I would much rather use the HCG Weight Loss Program opposed to Weight Watchers.

    However, a lot of people say that it's the meetings that keep them motivated while using the Weight Watchers Diet Program.

    The good news is, you can still have the same type of thing right here with our very own HCG 411 Forum. In fact, I have always recommended having an HCG Diet Buddy. I too believe that talking with the other HCG Dieters on a daily basis, and sharing your weight loss successes and failures can do wonders.

    But in the end, it all comes down to personal preference - So you tell me, which diet program would you rather be on, The HCG Diet, or Weight Watchers?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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