HCG Side Effects In Women

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    Although we have talked about many of the different HCG Side Effects before, it is an issue that has many people worried, especially women. In fact, negative side effects are enough to make someone not want to do the diet at all.

    So today I thought we would discuss the most common HCG Side Effects in women.

    But are the HCG Side Effects in women, any different from the side effects that men suffer from?

    Well, for the most part men and women will experience HCG Side effects just the same. However there are a couple of things that women have to deal with on the HCG Diet that men do not.

    For instance, although men can build up an immunity to the HCG Hormone, women using HCG Injections have to worry about this just a little bit more.

    During her menstrual cycle, a women must stop using the HCG Hormone Injections for at least 3 days, otherwise she is more likely to build up an immunity.

    So basically women should stop the HCG Injections during her 3 heaviest flow days. Now if a women still has a cycle but does not menstruate, she does not need to worry about doing this.

    Also, if you are taking the HCG Hormone orally - ie. HCG Pellets, HCG Troches, HCG Drops, you do not have to stop during your cycle. However, some women have found that it is better to stop for their 2 heaviest flow days even when using these methods.

    Other HCG Side Effects in women include a small amount of hair loss. Although this is experienced by both men and women, it is especially troubling to female HCG Diet users. This is likely due to the fact that it is more natural for men to experience hair loss than women.

    However, it is important to note that the hair does return usually just a short time after the diet ends.

    Women using the HCG Diet may also experience constipation. And although this too is something that some men have to deal with, it tends to effect a large number of women who use the diet.

    Here are some other HCG Side Effects In Women...

    Dry Skin
    Muscle Weakness
    Weight Loss In Breasts

    And like I said above, most of the HCG Side Effects are experienced by men and women alike - But sometimes they can affect women in different ways. The thing to remember is, the side effects that you might possibly run into on the HCG Diet are temporary, most of them will subside before the diet is complete.

    So while there may be some side effects associated with this diet, most men and women say that they are not severe enough to make them want to stop using it.

    Which HCG Side Effects are you most concerned about?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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