Does Stress Affect Your Weight Loss On The HCG Diet?

  • Brian Connole
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  • What Affect, If Any, Does Stress Have On Your Weight?

    When a person uses a diet as restricted as the HCG Diet, things can get pretty stressful at times. And there are a number of things that cause this stress.

    You might be stressed out that you are not losing weight as fast as you would like. Or maybe you cheated and you are worried about how it will affect your progress on the diet.

    It may even be something totally unrelated to the diet, something like a past due bill.

    But what will this unwanted stress do to your weight loss?

    Well, as some of you may have already guessed, stress can actually cause you to gain weight.

    Studies have determined that the same gland we are trying to reset by doing the HCG Diet, the Hypothalamus Gland, can cause you to gain weight when you get anxious or stressed out.

    What happens is, when you are unhappy or upset about something, the Hypothalamus Gland sends out signals and releases chemicals from the brain out to the Adrenal Gland. The Adrenal Gland then sends chemicals out which speeds up the heart. But it also changes the way fat in the Omentum grows. This is because those chemicals secrete steroids that go into the belly fat and make it grow larger.

    So what should you do about stress while on the HCG Weight Loss Diet?

    The first thing that you should do is, try to avoid it. Personally, I find that a lot of self talk helps.

    Or, when you start to feel yourself get stressed, remove yourself from whatever situation you are in, go to a nice comfortable place and relax for about 5 to 10 minutes until you are feeling less anxious.

    Now if you are stressed out about cheating on the HCG Diet, think about this... You are much more likely to gain weight after cheating if you get stressed out about it. So if you cheated on the HCG Diet, you need to simply forgive yourself and forget about it.

    But no matter what, you should never feel stressed out about your rate of weight loss. Because whether you are losing 1 or 1/2 pound per day, it's all getting you closer to your target weight. Right?

    So try to relax and stay focused on the big picture.

    What have you stressed out about since starting the HCG Weight Loss Diet?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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