Which Foods Do You Miss?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Are There Any Certain Food Items That You Miss Since Starting The HCG Diet?

    As soon as the HCG 500 Calorie Diet begins there are only a few select things that you can eat.

    Eating these foods day after day can get quite bland and boring. It of coarse helps to use different recipes daily, but that can only do so much. And although the HCG Hormone helps to curb your hunger, you sometimes find yourself craving certain foods.

    These cravings may be brought on by the smell of food, or just because it is something you have enjoyed eating for a long time. But either way it is totally normal to experience these cravings.

    In fact, there were 3 things that I greatly missed during the HCG Diet... They were Subway Sandwiches, Mountain Dew, and Bug Hunk candy bars. I didn't eat them all at the same time, but for some reason these are the foods that I missed while on the diet.

    So what should you do when you start missing your favorite foods?

    Well, I don't recommend going out and eating those foods, that's for sure - But I do suggest that you simply remind yourself that you will be able to have those foods again one day soon if you choose too.

    Just because you do the HCG Diet doesn't mean that you can never again have the certain foods that you love. It just means that you need to be more conscious of the portion sizes of those foods, and how often you eat them.

    Sure, it may not be a great idea to have a McDonald's Big Mac everyday for lunch after the diet ends - But to treat yourself every once in a great while might be okay.

    However, there are a lot of people who don't want to eat those kinds of foods ever again, and I think that is great.

    But then there are those other people who are simply afraid of going back to eating the way they did before the diet began. This of coarse is a very real fear.

    So if you do decide to treat yourself to a certain food every now and again, make sure you're ready and that you can handle it. Because if you can't, you just might find yourself in the same situation as before.

    But what I would like to know is which foods you all miss the most - So please be sure to leave a comment and tell me what food was the hardest for you to give up when you started your HCG Diet Journey.

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