The Hormone Formerly Known As HCG

  • Brian Connole
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  • When HCG Gets Broken Down So Many Times Until There's Almost None Of It Left, Can You Still Really Call It HCG?

    Every once in a great while I come up with an idea for a funny way to introduce a topic for a blog post -- Well guess what, today is one of those days.

    Now I'm sure that all of you remember when Prince, the musician, changed his name to a symbol back in June 1993. But because the symbol was unpronounceable everybody was forced to refer to him as the artist formerly known as Prince.

    Well today I decided that everyone should start referring to Homeopathic HCG, or HHCG as some call it, as the hormone formerly known as HCG.

    Here's why -- Because basically homeopathic HCG is really nothing more than a microscopic amount of HCG mixed with water. So in other words, it's just a bottle of water.

    Here's the thing, if you dilute HCG so much to where there is almost no HCG left, you really can't call it HCG can you!

    On top of that, the FDA states that any product containing HCG, no matter how small the amount, it should not be labeled as a Homeopathic drug.

    So if the HHCG Drops don't contain enough HCG to be called HCG - And the FDA won't allow the HHCG Companies to call their product a Homeopathic Drug, then what are you supposed to call it? 

    That's right -- You call it the hormone formerly known as HCG!

    NOTE: Now even though this post was just me having a little fun, I do seriously recommend that people use Pharmaceutical HCG instead of the Homeopathic Stuff.

    Because even if the Homeopathic Drops, or the hormone formerly known as HCG as I now call it, do contain trace amounts of HCG, it's definitely not enough to do the job it is meant to do on this diet.

    Dr. Simeons says in his original HCG protocol, that you need a minimum of 125IU HCG for it to be effective.

    Do you think Homeopathic HCG is an effective way to do the diet? 

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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