HCG Diet Phase 4: LIFE!

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  • HCG Diet Phase 4, How Much Do We Really Know About The 4th And Final Phase?

    Doing Yoga for HCG Diet Phase 4With so many HCG Protocols that have been written, finding the right information can be difficult if not impossible. You'd think that with more information about the HCG Diet, finding out about the different phases would be easier - But it's not. In fact, by the end of their research people seem to be more confused than before they started their quest for HCG Diet info.

    The fact is, we have companies producing what I commonly refer to as Fake HCG, who decide to come up with their own protocols to better suit their fake product. This is probably because they know how dangerous the diet can be for a person without the use of Pharmaceutical HCG.

    What you have now is, an HCG Protocol that refers to HCG Diet Phase 2, as Phase 1, and HCG Diet Phase 4 now becomes Phase 3, and people simply looking for information about the diet now become confused.

    But before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to go ahead and explain which protocol I am referring to. The main HCG Diet Protocol I like to stick to is Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Plan Pounds and Inches, as it's referred to in Kevin Trudeau's book, Weight Loss Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About.

    In his book Kevin sticks with Dr. Simeons main concept of the HCG Diet, while applying it to today's world. This is how the Phases are layed out in Kevin's book.

    HCG Diet Phases:

    • Phase 1: HCG Diet Phase 1 is the phase before the actual 500 Calorie Diet begins. Some HCG protocols list this as the VLCD, but it's not. This part of the diet is not mandatory, therefore it is rarely done by people. I think this is most likely because people are so excited with the prospect of losing weight, that they just want to dive right into the weight loss Phase, which is actually Phase 2.

      HCG Diet Phase 1 is more of a prep phase that has you doing a body cleanse, taking supplements, drinking Green Tea and various other steps.

      It really is a shame that more people don't use this part of the diet - If they did, they would find that it makes the weight loss Phase much more effective.

    • Phase 2: HCG Diet Phase 2 is the phase where you would actually begin taking the HCG Hormone, doing your 2 or 3 Gorge Days depending on what you prefer, and beginning the 500 Calorie Diet Phase, aka the VLCD. This part of the diet is the only part when you take the HCG Hormone, and should only be done with Pharmaceutical HCG. And it is mandatory that you stick to the HCG Diet food list during P2.

    • Phase 3: HCG Diet Phase 3 is the Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet and it is crucial to keeping the weight off. It was designed to help you stabilize and maintain your new weight. During Phase 3 you will increase your daily intake of calories and at the same time practice healthy portion control. After 3 weeks of Phase 3 you will gradually introduce starches and sugars back into your normal diet.

    Now Phase 4 for some reason is the Phase that no one really seems to talk about - It's probably because most people know nothing about it. However, P4 is going to be the phase that determines whether or not you did the other Phases correctly.

    • Phase 4: HCG Diet Phase 4 is the phase simply known as LIFE! By the time you reach this phase you should have already hit your target weight loss goal.

      During Phase 4, aka everyday life, you should not have the urge to eat constantly, you will eat more normal portions, and your metabolism should be able to burn calories at a higher rate.

    You should also try to do the following things...

    • Eat organic food.
    • Do not eat out.
    • Do colon cleanses.
    • Drink at least 1/2 Gallon of water everyday.
    • Always eat breakfast.
    • Exercise and take daily walks.
    • Use organic raw apple cider vinegar as often as possible.
    • Use virgin coconut oil as often as possible.
    • No artificial sweeteners.
    • Get plenty of sleep - At least 8 hours per night.
    • Take a whole food supplement.
    • Do Yoga.
    • Get plenty of sun.
    • Eat hot peppers as often as possible. (If you can handle spicy foods - I however cannot)
    • Use Stevia as a sweetener.
    • Get massages.
    • Sit in a sauna.
    • Do stress reducing techniques.

    Don't feel bad if you can't do everything that is suggested in Phase 4, but you should always try to do as much of the list as often as possible.

    However, you should avoid doing the following at all costs...

    • Avoid highly refined sugars like high fructose corn syrup.
    • Don't eat genetically modified food.
    • No trans fats.
    • No food with nitrites.
    • No propylene glycol or sodium laureth sulfate.
    • No artificial sweeteners.

    Of coarse if for some reason you do slip up from time to time don't worry you are not doomed. But you should however try to live the new Phase 4 lifestyle as much as you possibly can.

    Which HCG Diet Program have you been following?

    I always appreciate feedback from my wonderful readers (That's You!) So please be sure to tell me what you think in a comment below!

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