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The HCG Stall

Help! I've Hit An HCG Stall!

Frustration From An HCG PlateauRunning into a wall, or hitting a plateau with your weight loss is a common topic in our HCG Forum.

And when an HCG Stall happens, you can't imagine just how devastating and frustrating it can be for the person - Especially when they have been losing consistently for days or even weeks, which is almost always the case.

So What Is An HCG Stall?

It's kind of like when your engine stalls in your vehicle unexpectedly and for an unplanned period of time. But we're not talking about a car or an airplane are we ... we're talking about your body.

Dr. Simeons, describes an interruption of weight loss a Plateau. In the original HCG Protocol, Pounds and Inches a new approach to obesity, he states that a Plateau can last up to 4 to 6 days, but that it will always correct itself.

The good Doctor also goes on to say that most of his patients in his HCG weight loss study, who after awhile have gotten used to losing weight on a daily basis, end up becoming very discouraged and begin to think that they are no longer able to lose weight once they hit a plateau; and who could blame them.

As for me, I feel that when you are using a rapid weight loss program such as this, 4 to 6 days can seem like an eternity; and apparently I'm not alone. I constantly get emails from readers, and talk to forum members who want nothing more than a quick fix to their diet plateau.

Do These HCG Stalls (Plateaus) Effect Everyone On The Diet?

No, there are in fact a few lucky people, mostly men, who will steadily lose weight everyday of the HCG Diet. However, it is also worth mentioning that these people still lose on average about the same as everyone else.

How Do I Come Up With Those Numbers?

Because for most people who do the diet, myself included, you will experience a fluctuation in your weight loss. Meaning: You might have one day where you lose 1 pound, another day you might lose 3 pounds, then 1/2 pound, and somewhere along the line you run into an HCG Stall.

For the few people who never stall out with their weight loss, they will consistently lose approximately 1 pound per day throughout the entire round. But in the end they experience about the same total pounds lost as a person that fluctuates.

I know, it would be nice if none of us had to go through the mental torture of hitting a Plateau - But you would never get to feel the joy of losing 2 and 1/2 pounds in one day either.

Is There Any Way To Break Up An HCG Stall?

Yes there is, it's called an HCG Apple Day or Plateau Breaker! And although Dr. Simeons says that an Apple Day is purely for "psychological" reasons, I think it is good practice to break up a plateau purely for "losing weight fast" reasons.

How To Do An HCG Apple Day:

An Apple Day on the HCG Diet is done within a 24 hour period. It starts at lunch and continues until just before lunch the following day.

You are allowed to eat 1 Large Apple anytime you feel the desire to eat. However, you are not allowed to exceed 6 Large Apples in total.

During an Apple Day you are not permitted to eat any other foods or liquids, except for plain drinking water, or bottled water, and you may only drink enough to quench your thirst. However, Dr Simeons says that most of his patients did not feel the need for water and were content with having just 6 Apples.

When Will I Start Losing Weight Again?

The very next day, after doing an HCG Apple Day, you weight loss should resume. This is largely due to the fact that you are not drinking hardly any water during that 24 hour period of your Apple Day.

Now if you don't feel that you could survive a whole day on the HCG Hormone Diet with eating just 6 Apples, there are plenty of other Plateau Breakers for you to try.

But if you ask me, with or without HCG Stalls in your weight loss, the HCG Diet Program is still hands down one of the fastest weight loss systems that exist today!

How many days have you gone without losing weight on the HCG Diet Plan? And do you use HCG Shots or HCG Drops?

I always appreciate feedback from my wonderful readers (That's You!) So please be sure to tell me what you think in a comment below!

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