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Does Homeopathic HCG Work?

Most People Think That Homeopathic HCG Actually Contains HCG -- Are They Right?

Is There HCG In HCG DropsThere is no question that the HCG Diet is truly amazing. I don't know of any other weight loss method that can produce results like the HCG Diet can; not without surgery anyway.

Seriously, 1 or more pounds of unwanted fat per day, gone, just like that!

This is probably why there are so many people out there that are so against the diet - They think that if a person is losing that much weight in such a short amount of time, there must be something fishy going on.

But what they don't know is that if the diet is done correctly, with real HCG, it is completely safe. Aside from a few minor side effects, like constipation, dry skin, headaches and a few others, this diet is just as safe, if not safer than most of the weight loss programs you see today.

Actually, if you think about it, after the diet ends people are even more healthy than before they began- They weigh less, they are eating better and have less risk of encountering the health problems that come along with being overweight and obese.

Of coarse it's important to mention that when I talk about the HCG Diet Plan, I am talking about the plan that uses real Pharmaceutical HCG.

What Is The Difference Between Real HCG and Homeopathic HCG?

The difference is Homeopathic HCG contains only microscopic amounts of the HCG Hormone, if any at all. In fact, they basically tell you that on the bottles when they list HCG 6X,12X,30X,60X, they are telling you how many Millions, Billions and Trillions of times the HCG has been broken down and diluted from its original state.

I'm sure that this is why a lot of the companies that manufacture the Homeopathic HCG Drops mix all sorts of other ingredients, like alcohol and appetite suppressants, in with their so called "HCG" - Because if you're not hungry, you are more likely to think that the HCG is working.

So in the end what you have left is a very expensive tiny bottle of water with a few other fillers mixed in.

With the Real HCG Hormone, if you do things right, you don't need anything to suppress your appetite.

But Can You Lose Weight With Homeopathic HCG?

When a person uses Homeopathic HCG and only eats 500 calories per day, they will lose weight, but it is a very unhealthy kind weight loss - It's the kind of weight loss that has you losing more muscle than fat.

When you allow yourself just 500 Calories a day without real HCG, you are simply starving your body of the calories it needs to survive. This is why it turns to your muscle as a source of calories.

So the weight loss you do experience has everything to do with starving yourself of calories and nothing to do with the Homeopathic Stuff you are ingesting.

Eventually your body will think that you are starving to death and it starts hoarding the calories altogether to try and survive.

While your body is in full panic, usually a week or two after beginning the diet, you won't be able lose really any weight at all. Most people think that when this happens it is simply just an HCG Stall, but it's not!

Still, because the person doesn't know any better, they will try to treat it as such by performing an HCG Apple Day or some other Plateau Breaker, most of the time with no success.

This Is Why You Need Real HCG For The Diet Work:

First of all let's note that the key word in the HCG Diet, is HCG! Without HCG it's just another diet that makes you starve yourself to try and get results.

With Pharmaceutical HCG "Real HCG" you eat 500 Calories per day, but you don't starve. This is because the HCG Hormone directs your body to get the other calories that it needs from the fat banks that are located all throughout your body.

So basically your body is still burning the same amount of calories in a day that it normally would - But since you are eating just 500 Calories throughout the day, it gets the rest from your body. This is why you are able to lose so much weight and at the same time not feel as though you are starving.

But remember, even with Real HCG, as much of a weight loss miracle it may be, you are still responsible for keeping yourself motivated!

So What Have We Learned?

  1. Homeopathic HCG does NOT contain ANY HCG!
  2. Yes, you will lose weight with Homeopathic HCG, but it is from putting yourself into starvation mode which causes your body to panic and start burning muscle, not fat.
  3. You should only use Real HCG when doing the HCG Diet to lose weight!

What are your thoughts on Homeopathic HCG?

I always appreciate feedback from my wonderful readers (That's You!) So please be sure to tell me what you think in a comment below!

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