Is The HCG Diet Dead?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Is The HCG Diet Coming To An End?

    The EndBack in 2008 the HCG Diet experienced a huge spike in popularity, mainly thanks to Kevin Trudeau's book, "The Weight Loss Cure "THEY" Don't Want You To Know About".

    And although Kevin's book was responsible for resurrecting the diet, he was not the creator of the original weight loss system. That title actually goes to Dr. ATW Simeons who came up with the idea for the HCG Diet back in the early 1960's.

    However, back then the idea for using HCG to lose weight, although it was genius, I think that it was simply ahead of its time.

    But with obesity being at an all time high in the United States and in other places around the world, this is definitely the right time for the diet.

    Even so, I think that a lot of people who hear about the HCG Diet, even these days, don't understand how the HCG Hormone is responsible for helping people to lose weight. The way it works is The HCG Hormone mobilizes the abnormal fat that is stored in your body and makes it available for use as energy. While burning this stored energy, your body’s energy level increases and at the same time it helps your appetite decrease.

    With such an innovative diet at our disposal, you'd think that the world would embrace it and that it would be around forever. But is it possible that the HCG Diet is going away?

    Although the diet has been largely embraced by all parts of the world, it does seem that it has lost a lot of its momentum that it had originally gained back in 2008 when Kevin Trudeau's book was released.

    After a bit of research, I've estimated that there's approximately about 1/3 less HCG Dieters in 2013 compared to the last 5 years.

    Does This Mean That Because the Number of HCG Diet Users Is Getting Smaller - The Diet Is On Its Way To Becoming History?

    With the large amount of people that have already been introduced to the diet, I personally don't think that the diet will ever fully go away. After all, it has survived since Dr. Simeons created it back in the early 60's.

    Even though there are not nearly as many users as there once was, we still have many HCG Dieters beginning their HCG Diet Journey all over the world today. And there are still many HCG Clinics popping up all throughout the U.S. every year.

    So hopefully we can get people to better realize that this weight loss diet can and will help make the whole world a skinnier place to live.

    Do you think that the HCG Diet is more or less popular today?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please, leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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