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  • About The HCG 411 Blog Creators:

    My name is Brian Connole. I am the proud father of 3 awesome little boys - Tyson who is 13, Aiden is 8 and Jaxson is our new little bundle of joy. I have been with their mother Suzy, since we were both in High School.

    Our HCG Diet Journey started a couple of years after the birth of our second child Aiden. At that point we both decided that it was time to lose some weight and start eating healthier.

    Our minds were made up and we weren't going to let anything stand in our way!

    When Suzy told me about the HCG Diet Plan, I thought she was crazy for wanting to do it. But she soon had me convinced that it was a safe and effective way to lose weight.

    Before starting the diet, we both spent countless hours researching and reading about the HCG Hormone. It paid off!

    After experiencing such great results using the HCG Weight Loss Diet, we wanted to share our new found knowledge with as many people as possible.

    So back in October 2009, Suzy and I decided to create the HCG Diet 411 Blog - We officially launched it in January 2010. Since starting this blog, my wife has done 2 more rounds of HCG Injections.

    Because of our experiences with the HCG Diet Plan, a lot of our family and friends have also done the diet; they too have had wonderful results.

    Suzy and I believe that the HCG Diet is not only a fast and effective way to lose weight, but that it can also be a permanent cure for obesity if it is used the right way.

    We love giving advice and sharing tips with all of our readers here on the HCG 411 Blog and Forum.

    And although Suzy doesn't always like to write articles for our blog, she is just as much a part of it as I am. In fact, half of the topics for this blog come straight from her. We hope that you will continue to come back as our little HCG Blog grows.

    Good luck on your HCG Diet journey -

    Brian & Suzy

    If you have any questions or you want to connect with us directly, the best place to do it is on Facebook or the HCG 411 Forum.