June 20, 2010


How To Mix Your HCG: Part 1

  • June 20, 2010
  • Brian Connole
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  • Find out exactly how to mix your HCG - the right way...

    Today, I have some very detailed instructions for mixing your HCG for injections. However, because it is so detailed, I will be breaking it up into 2 parts.

    In today's post, How To Mix Your HCG: Part 1, I will explain exactly how to mix the HCG Hormone. Tomorrow I will tell you the proper amount of water to use, in order for you to get the right potency. Which will be anywhere from - 125 IU to 200 IU.

    How To Mix Your HCG: Part 1

    First, before you start the process of mixing your HCG, make sure to have these items laid out on a sanitized area.

    • HCG ampule
    • Bacteriostatic water
    • Sterile glass vial
    • 5cc or 10cc syringe with long needle (18-20 gauge works best)
    • Alcohol wipes 
    (Have an extra syringe and alcohol wipes just in-case)

    Gather all of your supplies before you start, including your HCG ampule. The dry-powered HCG ampule normally comes with a 1ml ampule of liquid solvent. You can just throw away the entire ampule of solvent, since you'll be using Bacteriostatic water instead.

    It's best not to mix the two types of solvent. It is also considered best not to store your finished solution in the Sterile Water vial, which is made of plastic. A glass vial is recommended for storing your HCG, which is usually provided in your HCG mixing kit.

    Storing Your HCG:

    After mixing, you should always refrigerate your liquid HCG. If you keep it properly refrigerated, your HCG will remain potent for up to 43 days. If there is any left over HCG after your round is completed, you should discard it right away.

    There should be an expiration date printed on the ampule containing the original powdered form of HCG. Always check this date before mixing. Replace it if it's expired. Also, try to minimize the time that the mixed HCG is left out at room temperature.

    When you prepare your daily injection, fill your syringe and replace the HCG vial in the refrigerator quickly. Although, you may want to warm-up the loaded syringe for a few minutes before injecting yourself.

    Of course you must first mix the HCG to the proper concentration. 

    Dr. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau both recommend a different dosage, which is between 125 IU and 200 IU per day. Using a higher dosage is not better and could actually make the HCG less effective.

    A larger dose can build up immunity to the hormone. Skipping an injection 1 day per week is recommended on the 43 day protocol. The day that is skipped, should always remain on the same day of the week. You should also try to do every injection at the same time everyday.

    Breaking An Ampule:

    When breaking an ampule, do not use a lot of force and do not squeeze too tightly. You want it to break cleanly in the thinnest part of the neck. If there is a circular dot on the ampule, this is where your thumb should go. Then, gently snap the ampule in half, while making sure not to let any bits of glass to fall into the ampule. Also, be careful not to cut yourself.

    Some people like to use a filter syringe during the mixing process, but that is up to you. If you don't use a filter syringe, which I never have, just tilt the ampule down a little, so if any glass does break off, it will fall outside of the ampule. You can always purchase an Ampule Breaker if you would feel more comfortable using one.

    You must always use the large syringe and its separate needle for the mixing process. If you have a very tall ampule and the mixing needle is still too short, just turn the ampule upside-down to withdraw the remainder of the solution. There is a vacuum pressure inside the ampule and it can be turned completely upside-down without liquid getting escaping.

    Just make sure not to ever inject air or shake the ampule while it is inverted.

    Next, flip the top off of the Sterile Water and sterilize the stopper. Also, sterilize the stopper of one glass vial. Wipe the ampule containing the dry powdered HCG ampule as well, then break it open as described.

    Attach the needle to the large syringe and withdraw 1 cc from the Sterile Water vial. Slowly inject the water from the syringe into the open HCG ampule. It should quickly dissolve, but do not try to speed up the process by shaking or swirling the mixture.

    Withdraw every drop of this solution back into the same syringe and inject it into the empty glass vial. Withdraw the required amount of Sterile Water into the same syringe and inject it into the glass vial containing the 1cc of HCG that you just finished mixing. Now, each day you will take a 0.5 cc injection from this vial until you need to mix again or until your round is complete.

    Important Notes: 

    1. I did not tell you the required amount of water needed, because this will differ from person to person, depending on the strength of your daily dosage. I will discuss that in my next post.
    2. When exchanging liquids from the Sterile Water Vial and the Empty Sterile Vial, you must keep the air pressure inside the vials equalized with the air pressure in the room.

      For example: If you try to draw out 30 ml of Sterile Water all at once, a vacuum pressure will be created inside the vial and the water will not to flow into the syringe. You must inject air into the vial to prevent this from happening. And you may need to do this more than once during the mixing process.

    Remember, when you are injecting solution into the empty sterile vial, you must withdraw an equal amount of air from the vial to allow space for the solution that you are about to inject. You can use one of your smaller syringes to equalize the air pressure if you'd like. When mixing, be sure to change the needle if it touches anything that has NOT been sterilized.

    Make sure to to read How to mix your HCG: Part 2, in my next blog post.

    Have you ever tried to mix your own HCG before?

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