The HCG Diet And What We've Said About It This Week

  • Brian Connole
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  • It's the end of the week and you know what that means, that's right, our weekly wrap up post.

    Day after day, week after week, we are always discussing the different aspects of the HCG Diet in our daily blog posts. Whether we're talking about HCG Recipes, or Side Effects of HCG, nothing is considered off limits here.

    Now if you're wondering what topics we've covered on the HCG 411 Blog this week, pull up a chair and we'll start at the beginning.

    The HCG Diet And What We've Said About It This Week


    Cheese On The HCG Diet - Is it Allowed: Is cheese one of the items on the HCG 500 Calorie Diet Menu? Anyone who has read the HCG Diet Protocol knows that there are a lot of different rules to follow. On top of it all, you have to remember which foods you can and cannot eat. However, what people usually remember more than anything is that list of foods you can have is much smaller... 


    The Latest Talk In Our HCG Diet Forum: With the New Year upon us, more and more people are wanting to use the HCG Diet to lose weight. This means that the HCG 411 Blog and Forum are busier than ever. We are getting new members to our forum daily. The best part is, most of our existing members have done the diet before, so they're able to help out the HCG Diet Newbies...


    HCG Recipes: Having yourself some delicious HCG Recipes to cook up, can mean the difference between success and failure on the HCG Weight Loss Diet. If you always have a great meal to eat, you are going to be less likely to cheat. However, finding those HCG Recipes can be a different story altogether...


    They Practically Giving Away George Foreman Grills: Having a George Foreman Grill on the HCG Diet isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. I think it should be mandatory for people to own one of these grills if they are going to do the diet - They are that important. I don't know of anything out there that can do what these grills can... 


    HCG For Weight Loss - Is It Effective?: In relation to the HCG Diet, there is one question that is commonly asked... Is Using HCG For Weight Loss Really Effective? For some reason there are people out there who seem to think that the HCG Diet is simply too good to be true. However, I think that these people just don't understand how the diet actually works...


    HCG Diet Program Deal: Making the decision to do the HCG Diet is an important step in battling obesity. Taking that first step will get you started on your weight loss journey. Choosing the right HCG Diet Program can be equally important. A while back I had told you about a company called Nu Image Medical, that offers a full package for doing the HCG Diet...

    So if you missed anything this past week, these are the things that we've talking about. Be sure to stop back by throughout the week to see what other HCG topics we'll be discussing. And while you're here, head over to our HCG Diet Forum to see what conversations are going on there.

    How many different times have you been to the HCG Diet 411 Blog? - Tell me in a comment below...

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