How To Survive Phase 3 Of The HCG Diet

  • Brian Connole
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  • What Do You Think Is The Most Important Part Of The HCG Diet?

    Nutrition Facts Label
    I think it's safe to assume, that the majority of people out there feel that the most important part of the HCG Diet is weight loss. And while it is a big part of the diet, I wouldn't say it's the most important.

    Because if you can't fix the problem, you won't be able to keep the weight off.

    So for that reason, I would say Phase 3 is probably the most crucial part of the HCG Weight Loss Diet. After all, this is the part that teaches you how to have a normal relationship with food.

    But What Is The Most Important Part Of Phase 3?

    Without a doubt the most important and beneficial part of Phase 3 is not only what, but how much you eat.

    Of coarse most of us know by now that you aren't supposed to eat sugars and starches for the first 21 days of Phase 3. After that, you should slowly add them into your diet just a little bit at a time.

    But what most people are not clear on, is exactly how much they should be eating at each meal. Now keep in mind, I don't suggest that you go around counting calories all of the time, because you really don't need to. If you just know what size portions to eat, you should be fine.

    But What Is The Right Size Portion?

    Knowing how to control your portion size is a lot easier than you might think. Actually, the key to the right portion is printed right on the label of the foods that you purchase - What I am referring to is of coarse the serving size.

    You will find the suggested serving size right there above the nutrition facts on the label of any food item.

    What Are Serving Suggestions And Where Do They Come From?

    This is the amount of food that the experts say is a healthy serving size for people to consume. The amount of calories and the other nutrition facts that can be found on the label, are based off of these serving sizes.

    By having smaller servings of fruit, vegetables, and protein, it will be much easier to keep the weight off during and after Phase 3.

    So I recommend that when you are in doubt of what the proper portion is, simply go by the suggested serving size on the label.

    Have you been going off of the suggested serving sizes? - Tell me in a comment below.

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