HCG Phase 2 Recipe - Beef and Broccoli Soup

  • Brian Connole
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  • I Hope You're Ready To Create A Delicious HCG Recipe For Phase 2!

    In the past I have talked about how much I love soup. That's why I get so excited and pumped up when I find a new HCG Soup Recipe to share with all of you.

    So if you're anything like me, and even if you're not, you are sure to love this HCG Recipe that I'm about to give you today - The best part is, it takes very little effort to make. It's called...

    HCG Beef and Broccoli Soup

    Here's what you'll need...

    • 3 ½ oz. - Beef (Cooked and cut into small pieces)
    • 1 Cup - Beef Broth
    • 1 Cup - Broccoli (Chopped)
    • Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste


    1. In a small pan, bring Beef Broth to a boil.
    2. Add in your Beef and Broccoli.
    3. Reduce heat and simmer until Broccoli is nice and tender.
    4. Then, remove from heat and enjoy!

    Serving Suggestions: Like with most soups, I prefer to crush up my Grissini Breadsticks and sprinkle it into the soup.

    What is your favorite type of soup to make when you are not on the HCG 500 Calorie Diet?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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