What Is The Best Brand Of HCG Drops To Use?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Do Not Buy HCG Drops Online Until You Read This!

    Bottle Of HCG With Question Mark On LabelTo say that the Internet is littered with places to buy HCG Drops is both accurate and an understatement.

    It's accurate in a sense that a lot of these places are simply garbage, hence the word littered.

    However, it's an understatement because of just how many companies are offering HCG Drops.

    It's hard to believe that before the FDA cracked down there were twice as many as there are now.

    And with the large amount of companies that do exist for the sole purpose of selling bottles labeled HCG, that actually contain no HCG at all, I can see why this is such a hot topic.

    So What Is The Best Brand Of HCG Drops To Use?

    Honestly, the best brand of HCG Drops to buy, are any kind that you actually mix yourself - And trust me, it's not that hard to do.

    I think the main reason that people order the drops that are being sold online, is simply for convenience. Plus, they think that they are buying HCG - And why wouldn't they, after all that is what the label says, right!

    But should you trust what they put on their label?

    Well, there is at least one thing on the label that may be true - I'm talking about the part that tells you how many millions of times the HCG  Hormone has been broken down. Basically the label is telling you that there is barely a microscopic amount of HCG in them, if any at all. Just read this article written by Dr. Dennis Clark of BestHCGWeightLoss.com.

    Clearly there is not enough for the hormone to be effective, not the way your body needs it to be during the coarse of this diet anyway.

    Now I know that there are a lot of people that will say, "But I lost weight with the HCG Drops so they must be real".

    But the fact is, the HCG Hormone is not the part that is helping you lose weight, the 500 Calorie Diet is. The HCG simply tells your body to burn the fat that is located in the fat storages located throughout your body. This is also why proper Gorging is so important.

    Need another excuse to start mixing your own HCG? Well here's 3 big reasons why it's a bad idea to purchase pre-mixed "HCG Drops" online or from a store...

    3 Reasons Why You Should Not Order Pre-Mixed HCG:

    1. If They Were Real Shelf Life Would Be A Reason - Real Pharmaceutical HCG has a shelf life of approximately 30 days from the day it is mixed. So let's say you were to buy pre-mixed "HCG Drops", even if they really did contain HCG, which they don't, by the time it has been mass produced and put into a bottle with its pretty label then sent out to you, it would have already exceeded its shelf life.
    2. You Don't Know What's Actually In The Drops - Some of the so called HCG Drops contain alcohol and even appetite suppressants. But the only ingredients that should be in your HCG Drops is Pharmaceutical HCG and Bacteriostatic Water, that's it!
    3. No HCG - Almost all of the premixed HCG Drops available online or in stores do not contain any real HCG at all. The only way to know that your HCG is real, is to simply mix the ingredients yourself.

    Because while a few of the HCG Drops out there may contain other benificial ingredients, such as B12 or other vitamins, they are almost all lacking the main ingredient for having a successful round, the HCG Hormone.

    Like I've said before, the HCG Diet without HCG is just another diet!

    NOTE: The company that I use is Nu Image Medical. They give you everything you need to do the HCG Diet using Real HCG Drops, HCG Injections or even HCG Pellets aka Troches.

    Have you purchased fake HCG Drops online before?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please be sure to tell me your thoughts in a comment below.

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