Cheating On An HCG Steak Day

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  • What Happens If You Cheat On A Phase 3 Steak Day?

    Cheating On HCG Diet Steak DayThe Maintenance Phase of the HCG Diet Plan is designed to help you Stabilize and Maintain your new weight.

    In a nut shell, the Maintenance Phase, or Phase 3 as it's also referred to, goes as follows:

    For the first 3 weeks of Phase 3, you will increase your caloric intake to approximately 1500 Calories per day. At the same time, you don't want to constantly stress yourself out about going over the 1500 Calorie mark; if you do happen to go over or fall under that amount you should be fine.

    In addition, for the first 21 days while stabilizing, you should stay away from foods with sugars, like honey and high fructose corn syrups, and starches like bread pasta and potatoes.

    After those initial 3 weeks you can then start to slowly add in the sugars and starches.

    But remember, because you are not worrying so much about the calories, it is a must that you practice good portion control with your meals as well.

    Now even though your weight for the most part should stay fairly close to your ending weight as of Phase 2, it is still possible to gain, but it shouldn't be no more than 2 pounds.

    If and when you do gain more than the 2 pound limit, it is recommended that you do an HCG Diet Steak Day.

    How Is A Steak Day Done?

    For a Phase 3 Steak Day, you will skip breakfast and lunch. You should drink lots of water throughout the day. Then for dinner you will eat a huge steak - You are allowed to have an Apple or a Raw Tomato as well.

    An HCG Steak Day is a very effective tool for keeping your new weight in check. The next day you should be back within 2 pounds of your Phase 2 ending weight.

    But What Happens If You Cheat On An HCG Steak Day?

    Well, being on such a strict protocol like the HCG 500 Calorie Diet Plan, you should have learned a little restraint. But, you are human, and as a human you are entitled to a screw up every now and then.

    So if you do slip up and cheat on your Steak Day, DON'T PANIC, everything is going to be fine.

    However, whether or not you gain more weight from your Steak Day Cheat all depends on you. Some people cheat the whole day long and don't gain one single ounce - While someone else might eat some eggs in the morning and gain a half pound.

    So If You Cheat On A Steak Day Should You Simply Do Another Steak Day?

    Yes ... No ... Maybe. First of all, you want to wait and see what happens from this Steak Day - If it wasn't a bad cheat the Steak Day still may work. But, if you did manage to dodge a bullet this time, remember, next time you may not be so lucky.

    On the other hand if it doesn't work and you are still over the 2 pound mark the next day, or even worse you gained a little weight, you should still probably wait at least 1 day before performing any additional Steak Days.

    Either way remember, if you were unfaithful to your Steak on your HCG Steak Day, forgive yourself and learn from your mistake!

    Let's Recap What We've Just Learned:

    1. Phase 3 Maintenance is to stabilize and maintain your new weight.
    2. Stay away from sugars and starches for the first 21 days of the Maintenance Phase and eat approximately 1500 Calories per day
    3. During Phase 3 you should stay within 2 pounds of your ending weight as of your last day of taking the HCG Hormone Injections, Pellets, or Drops.
    4. If you gain more than 2 pounds during Phase 3 you can perform an HCG Steak Day.
    5. Don't Cheat on your HCG Steak Day.
    6. If you do cheat, don't panic.
    7. Wait at least 1 day to see what happens before doing any more Steak Days.
    8. If you do mess up, don't beat yourself up. Simply learn from your mistake and move past it!

    Did you know that you can a Mini Steak Day during the 500 Calorie Diet Phase as a Plateau Breaker?

    I always appreciate feedback from my wonderful readers (That's You!) So please be sure to tell me what you think in a comment below!

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