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Smoking Weed On The HCG Diet

Does Smoking Weed On The HCG Diet Somehow Keep You From Losing Weight?

Pot Leaf
I have posted well over 800 Articles, as well as countless forum threads on HCG 411 over the past few years.

But I have to say that out of all those posts, there are probably about 10 blog articles that really stick out in my mind; one of which would have to be the post titled Is It Okay To Smoke Marijuana On The HCG Diet.

Since posting this article back in April 2011, the topic has really taken on a life of its own. Anywhere from Facebook and Yahoo to Twitter, people want to know if it's a good idea to get high on the HCG Diet Plan.

Well after more than 2 years I have decided that today would be a great time to revisit this question.

So, Is It Okay To Smoke Pot While On The HCG Diet?

Okay, here's the thing, there hasn't really been any studies to show whether or not smoking Marijuana might affect your weight loss while on the 500 Calorie Diet. So unfortunately you will just have to settle for my "Professional" Opinion on the subject.

First off, let me hit you with a couple of comments and theories that were tossed around the last time I dared to post about this HOT Topic.

This is what a few of my readers had to say:

If the HCG keeps you from feeling like you are starving, then would the THC induced munchies cause your body to respond by burning even more calories? Surely there is some responsible med only vaporizer user who can tell us their experiences with it. I can tell you the HCG definitely reduces alcohol cravings so perhaps it reduces ones desire for THC as well? If I get weak and medicate with the vape I will reply with the outcome.

I've been on a hCG extreme diet. I can tell you for experience that you theory is absolutely right. While on the diet and medicinal purpose only cannabis, I've been losing close to 3 pounds a day vs my friends that lost one pound. As a side note; feed the munchies with water.

I am a medical marijuana patient. I've used marijuana through out my 4 rounds of the phase 2 hcg protocol without a problem. It helped me get through phase 2 a little easier. It actually helped with any hunger pangs i had and helped with the slight headaches.

Marijuana is a cerebral stimulant and HCG is a hormone by nature. Both of them have got different functions in the body and if taken simultaneously they are not likely to show any interaction.You can continue taking both together but the detrimental effects of marijuana will persist.

I have to admit I smoke every night before bed and the food cravings are almost too much to handle, but I'm sticking to the plan!

So, after a lot of research, the only real argument that I could find that would lead me to believe that smoking weed might have negative effects on the HCG Diet, is the fact that you get the munchies after you get high.

So if hunger is a big issue for you without smoking Marijuana, getting stoned will likely only make things worse.

But other than that, there aren't too many logical reasons why one couldn't smoke and still lose just as much weight as the next guy - Maybe, smoking weed could possibly even help you to lose more than the average Joe.

Could Smoking Pot Help A Person To Lose More Weight Than Normal?

NOTE: This is just my own crazy theory.

The HCG Diet, like a lot of things in life, can be negatively affected by stress and worry. But for most people, smoking Marijuana helps to make stress and worry disappear.

So this means that you might be able to experience a higher rate of weight loss success with the HCG Diet if you are stress free.

If you are going to smoke pot on the HCG Diet:

  1. Wait until after the first 2 weeks of the HCG Diet, which is when hunger pangs usually start to subside. This way if you do experience the munchies, they won't be accompanied by hunger pangs from the 500 Calorie Diet.
  2. Don't get too carried away. Too much of a good thing, is never a good thing.
  3. If you do get the munchies, Don't cheat with foods that will compromise the diet. Eat Miracle Noodles instead.

What has been your experience with smoking pot on the HCG Diet?

I always appreciate feedback from my readers ... So please let me know what you think in a comment below.

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