5 Suggestions For First Time HCG Diet Users:

  • Brian Connole
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  • Is This Your First Time Using HCG For Weight Loss?

    HCG MeasurmentsIf this is in fact your first time using this ever so popular diet plan, you are probably starting to realize that there is a lot of information to take in -- Not to mention all of the different HCG Diet Rules that you have to memorize and follow.

    However, it's important that you don't let yourself get too overwhelmed by the abundance of information; I know, it's easier said than done.

    But getting yourself worked up and overwhelmed will only do you harm. Stress and the HCG Diet Program do not mix. So try to keep yourself on the right track by following a few simple HCG Diet Rules.

    The 5 suggestions below will help all of you first time HCG Diet users to get going in the right direction.

    5 Suggestions For First Time HCG Diet Users:

    1. Don't Try To Wing It: If you are unsure about a certain aspect of the HCG Diet, don't just guess, take a little bit of time and look it up. HCG 411 blog search, located in the sidebar, is a great tool. And if for some reason you can't find the answer on this blog or in our HCG forum, shoot me an email.

    2. Don't Just Follow The Protocol, Live It: This diet has to become your life, literally. If a new healthier lifestyle is what you are after, then living the rules of this diet will definitely give that to you. Remember, Simply going through motions of the HCG Diet isn't enough if you truly want to change the way you live.

    3. Give It Your All: A half ass effort will produce half ass weight loss results. If you want to get rid of all that unattractive fat and keep it from coming back, then you must give it 110%.

    4. Change Everything: If you truly want to experience HCG Diet success, you can't just change your eating habits and expect it to be enough -- You need to change your mindset as well as your lifestyle.

    5. Use Real HCG: When you use Homeopathic HCG, or HHCG, you are not doing the HCG Diet the correct way. The main part of the HCG is the HCG, hence the name "HCG Diet". And because HHCG Drops contain no HCG, it's basically the same thing as starving yourself -- Not to mention, if you are not using real HCG with the 500 Calorie Diet your body won't allow you to continuously lose weight for very long. Basically after a week or two, your body starts hoarding calories rather than burning them. So if you want to experience the best results from beginning to end, just buy Real HCG to begin with.

    My favorite quote that I like to apply to the HCG Diet is this...

    "Keep Doing What You're Doing And You'll Keep Getting What You've Got"

    The reason that I like this little quote so much is because it's true for both the negative and the positive aspects of life -- So I look at it this way ... If you keep doing the unhealthy things that led you to become overweight in the first place, you will always be overweight.

    On the other hand, if you are living a more healthy lifestyle and you continue to live your life that way, then you are going to stay in shape and have an all around better quality of life.

    So keep these suggestions in the forefront of your mind during your first round of the HCG Diet, and of coarse any future rounds as well. This should help to greatly increase your chances of weight loss success.

    Do you have any other suggestions for first time HCG Diet users?

    I always love to get feedback from my readers, so please be sure to leave me a comment below!

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