Life After HCG: Eat What You Want When You Want

  • Brian Connole
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  • After Resetting Your Hypothalamus And Retraining Your Metabolism, Can You Really Eat All Of The Foods You Want With No Worry?

    Eating Dessert On HCG DietIn my many years of researching and writing about the HCG Diet, I have read a number of different HCG Protocols - And one of the many things I've noticed is that all of these protocols claim that theirs is the best one to follow. The only trouble is, a handful of these protocols make some pretty outrages claims.

    In fact, one of the most well known HCG Protocols in the world, which was written by Kevin Trudeau, and is mostly responsible for breathing new life into the HCG Diet has a few unbelievable suggestions for HCG Dieters.

    On the other hand, some of the claims that may sound a bit unreal are actually 100% true. The trouble with that is, it makes it harder for people to know what claims or true and which ones are not.

    One claim that is made in a few different HCG Protocols is that you are able to eat what you want when you want after the HCG Diet ends.

    It's true, certain protocols state that after resetting your Hypothalamus and retraining your body's metabolism you will be able to eat any foods that you want because you will be cured of obesity.

    But is this right?

    To be completely honest with you, the answer is ... sort of.

    Let's think about this for a second -- Whether you started the HCG Diet because you have been battling obesity your whole life, or you just gained an extra 15 pounds during the holidays, either way you likely found it hard to lose weight on your own or with any other diet.

    This means that after you do the HCG Diet, if you did things right, you will have successfully reset your Hypothalamus and retrained your Metabolism - At this point you should have also learned how to have a healthier relationship with food; smaller portion sizes, eating only when you are hungry and not just bored, but you should also have more of a desire to stay away from foods that are hazardous to you and your new skinnier body.

    So I think the real question here shouldn't be whether or not you can eat what you want when you want to, but rather, If you could eat what you want at anytime you want, would you Really want to?

    Okay maybe that's a dumb question to ask -- I know that most people if they could get away with it they would eat what they want. Here's how I see it, if your Hypothalamus and Metabolism was once broken and then you were luckily able to repair it, isn't it possible that it could malfunction once again.

    Honestly, contrary to what some people would want you to believe, the point of the HCG Diet is not to have you lose weight and eat healthier just to have you go right back to eating all the things that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

    So this means that after the diet ends you should NEVER eat anything that would be considered unhealthy, right?

    No, that's not right. You can still enjoy a slice of pizza or a piece of your favorite dessert every once in a while, you just need to be mindful of how often you are doing it. And when you do partake in something that you wouldn't consider to be an everyday food, just make sure that you don't go too overboard - And one of the most important things to remember is that you want to practice good portion control; especially with the "not so healthy foods".

    But it's not limited to just food and treats, you should also be very aware of what you are drinking too. Some people, myself included, have a tough time saying no to soda as well as those ever so delicious energy drinks like Red Bull. I think that it is actually much easier to get carried away with drinks, simply because you are drinking your calories not eating them.

    And not only will need to pay very close attention to what you eat and drink after the diet, but you will also have to monitor how often. Because in the end that could determine whether or not you keep the weight off.

    Which food or drinks do you miss more than any other since doing the HCG Diet Program?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please, leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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