HCG Diet Rules: Phase 1

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  • These Are The Rules Of HCG Phase One. Learn Em, Love Em, Live Em!

    Rule ListWith so much information referencing Phase 1 of the HCG Diet, people seem to get quite confused about what this particular phase is actually about.

    So before I continue on with the HCG Diet Rules for Phase 1, let me just clarify what exactly phase 1 is.

    It has come to my attention that a large number of people have been led to believe that Phase one of the HCG Diet is the Phase in which you would do the 500 Calorie Diet, and that's fine.

    However, those people might be a little confused when they start looking for information online regarding the weight loss part of the diet. That's because the 500 Calorie Diet is mostly referred to as Phase 2. I know, shocking isn't it.

    So What Is Phase 1 And What Is It Even For?

    HCG Diet Phase 1 is actually more of a prep phase than anything else. It is mainly used for getting your mind and body fully prepared for what comes next ... The VLCD.

    And although this part of the diet is not required in order to have a successful round, it is however highly recommended. It's also said that doing this phase will ultimately help you to keep the weight off after the diet ends. Here are the rules that one must follow for Phase 1.

    HCG Diet Rules: Phase 1

    Rule #1 Drink one full glass of water immediately after waking up in the morning. Spring or bottled water is best. But if nothing else, drink filtered water.

    Rule #2 Drink a minimum of 1/2 Gallon of water throughout the day. Again, Spring or bottled water is best. But if nothing else, drink filtered water.

    Rule #3 Go on daily walks. Try waling at a slow and steady pace for one hour per day.

    Rule #4 Use Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil for cooking.

    Rule #5 Do a colon cleanse.

    Rule #6 Eat at least 2 Large Apples everyday; organic if possible.

    Rule #7 Eat 2 Grapefruit daily.

    Rule #8 Take 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times per day, and also use it as your vinegar of choice in salads and cooking.

    Rule #9 Drink Green Tea daily.

    Rule #10
    Take a good Whole Food Supplement.

    Rule #11 Take Probiotics.

    Rule #12 Do a Heavy Metal Cleanse.

    Rule #13 Eat a large breakfast everyday.

    Rule #14 Eat Dinner 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours before bedtime.

    Rule #15 Eat Hot Peppers.

    Rule #16 Use Cinnamon regularly.

    Rule #17 Eat a green salad with lots of vegetable before Lunch and Dinner.

    Rule #18 Stay away from foods that contain any Trans Fats.

    Rule #19 No High Fructose Corn Syrup.

    Rule #20 No foods or drinks that contain Artificial Sweeteners, other than Stevia or Truvia.

    Rule #21 Do Not eat foods that contain MSG.

    Rule #22 Try to eat only organic meat and dairy.

    Rule #23 No Nitrites.

    Rule #24 Do Not eat fast food.

    Rule #25 Eat Organic.

    Rule #26 Use Infrared Sauna's whenever possible.

    Rule #27 Get plenty of sun.

    Rule #28 Get the proper amount of sleep. 8 Hours per night, preferably you should go to bed at 10:00 PM and awake at 6:00 AM.

    Rule #29 Use Krill Oil.

    Rule #30 Take Vitamin E.

    Rule #31 Get plenty of exercise.

    Rule #32 Do Yoga.

    Rule #34 Get Massages regularly.

    Rule #35 Do Deep Breathing Techniques.

    Rule #36 Add more Fiber to your daily diet.

    Rule #37 Do Stress Reducing activities.

    It's important to mention that even if you are not able to do everything that is recommended in Phase 1, any part of this phase that you do will help make the 500 Calorie Diet Phase that much more effective.

    For 6 to 8 weeks before your Gorge Days and the 500 Calorie Diet begins, aka Phase 2, do as many things on the list above as you possibly can.

    What HCG Protocol have you been following?

    I always love to get feedback from my readers, so please be sure to leave me a comment below!

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