3 Reasons To Start The HCG Diet This Holiday Season

  • Brian Connole
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  • With All Of That Delicious Holiday Food, Is It Really A Good Idea To Begin A Weight Loss Regimen?

    Christmas HCG Diet Weight LossSome people think that the Holiday's are without a doubt the worst time for a person to start the HCG Diet - But I'm here to put that myth to bed right now.

    Because while it may be hell for people who are using other various weight loss programs, the Holiday season is actually the perfect time for those of us who about to begin the HCG Diet.

    Below I have made a list of 3 great reasons why you should consider beginning the HCG Diet this holiday season.

    3 Reasons You Should Start The HCG Diet This Holiday Season

    1. Gorging:

      Most of us feel a little guilty over the amount of food that we eat during the Holidays, but not this year. Imagine using Thanksgiving or Christmas as your Load Days - You could eat as much as you want, of what you want; and you would know that the amount of food you are eating is not only okay, but that it's also going to help you to lose weight consistently throughout the coarse of the diet.

    2. Learning Self Control:

      If you were to start the HCG Diet around the Thanksgiving Holiday, by Christmas you should be about ready to wrap it up, or possibly in the first couple weeks of Phase 3. So this gives you a chance to practice restraint, proper portion sizes and your self control.

    3. To Get A Jump On Your New Years Resolution:

      You already know that all of your friend's will be making a New Years Resolution to lose that extra 15 to 20 pounds - It's no secret that statistically weight loss is the most widely used Resolutions for the New Year. Well by starting the HCG Diet during the Holiday Season you will be 1 giant step ahead of the group. Then naturally everyone will take notice of how great you look, and they will want to know exactly how you did it. You will then be able to use your new found knowledge of the HCG Weight Loss System to help your friends and family get their weight under control.

    Ultimately, it is your choice when you begin your HCG Diet Journey. Obviously there are benefits no matter what time of year you start. But if you are like most people, you cover up during the winter and wear less during the summer - So if you were to begin the HCG Diet during the holidays, this means that by the time summer rolls around, and the amount of cloths you wear becomes less and less, you will likely be at your target weight; or close to it.

    Plus, by starting the diet around the holiday season, you will have plenty of time do do multiple rounds if you are unable to hit your target weight the first time. However, you still need to be sure to wait the correct amount of time in between your HCG Diet Rounds.

    Nevertheless, no matter when you decide to begin the HCG Diet you will no doubt experience extreme weight loss if you just put in a little bit of effort. But if your goal is to be at your ideal size by swimsuit season, then you may want to consider beginning your HCG Journey this holiday season.

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    When do you feel is the best time to start the HCG Diet?

    As always, I would love to hear what you think - So please, leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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