Did You Gain Weight After The HCG Diet Ended?

  • Brian Connole
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  • Are You At Risk For Gaining Back All Of That Weight You Fought So Hard To Lose?

    Help Scale Gained WeightThe HCG Diet is not just some weight loss fad - If used the right way, it could very well be the last diet that you ever have to use. Retraining your body's metabolism allows your body to burn off calories at a more normal rate.

    And although this amazing weight loss program should never be used as just another Yo-Yo Diet, there are still plenty of Yo-Yo Dieters who still use it as such.

    This can cause issues for these people especially after the diet is complete. However, it's not just the Yo-Yo Dieters that run into this problem. Even though it's not a frequent occurrence, people do gain weight after the HCG Diet ends.

    Who Is At Risk For Gaining Weight Back After The HCG Diet Ends?

    ANYONE and EVERYONE who does the HCG Diet is at risk for potentially gaining back some, or even all of the weight that they've lost.

    The trick is knowing how to effectively keep this horrible situation from happening to you.

    But If The HCG Diet Works So Well, Then Why Do Some People Gain Weight After The Diet?

    The HCG Diet was created and written with specific yet general rules. But the fact of the matter is, everyone is different and our bodies all respond differently to different things.

    For instance, there are some people that may hit a plateau from simply eating a few bites of something not listed on the hCG protocol, while others that do the very same thing have no problem at all.

    This is why it is so important for people not receiving help and support from a trained medical staff, to keep a detailed HCG Diet Journal and to pay attention to their bodies. Doing certain things such as this, can help you to better tailor the HCG Diet Program to suit your body type.

    What To Do If You Did Gain Back A Lot Of The Weight After The HCG Diet Ended?

    Depending on exactly how much you gained back, another round of the diet may be in order. Chances are if you're reading this, you have been unsuccessful in using Steak Days to control your fluctuation in weight during phase 3.

    Now if you gained back less than 10 pounds or so, you may be able to shed that weight with an effective yet simple exercise regimen.

    So What Can You Do To Avoid Gaining Back The Weight You Lost?

    1. Believe it or not, how you lose the weight can play a big role in whether or not you will gain it back. So make sure that you are doing the 500 Calorie Diet correctly and only using REAL Prescription Grade HCG.
    2. Follow Phase 3 Maintenance to the letter. I know it may seem a little difficult at times especially after completing the strict detailed weight loss plan laid out for you in Phase 2, but it really is crucial to your HCG success.

      This means:
    • No sugars or starches for the first 3 weeks of the Maintenance Phase. 
    • Stick to around 1500 Calories per day.
    • Use strict portion control ... No going back for seconds. 
    • Eat until you are satisfied, NOT stuffed
    • Don't wait, do a Steak Day when needed.

    But most importantly, keep an HCG Diet Journal to better tailor the diet to your specific body type. Because finding what does and does not work for YOU is what will ultimately lead you to success.

    How much weight have you gained back since the HCG Diet ended?

    I always love to get feedback from my readers, so please be sure to leave me a comment below!

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